Dr. Mario J. Molina, winner of Nobel Prize for chemistry and Mr. H. Mieda

The climax of the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar must be participating in the Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony. How wonderful it is for a young scientist to witness the most honorable moment in science.

But if I were to be satisfied only with taking part in the ceremony, that would be to observe a formality alone. I could enlarge my experience by understanding the achievements and the ways of thinking of the laureates. In this sense also, the seminar was significant. For I had opportunities to listen to the laureates’ lectures and to talk with them.

When I spoke to them, full of eagerness, they answered all my questions. It was a moment of supreme bliss for me. I could hardly distinguish any more between reality and dreaming.

The seminar was crowned by events related to the Nobel Prize---these were the "flowers"---but there was also a concrete outcome. The occasion bore fruit. That is to say, students from all over the world communicated with one another. The culture of each was different, depending on their nationality. But there was an intellectual atmosphere of having much in common during the time we were together. I was stimulated by the differences of culture and ways of thinking. And I felt we had a lot in common. Other participants must have felt as I did. I think that is the reason why we became closer friends during the seminar.

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