Miss Tabuchi (front row, sixth from left) and Mr. Chida (back row, third from left)

We participated in the SIYSS which was held during the Nobel Week at the beginning of December 1997. There were 25 participants selected from 16 different countries. In the first part of the program we visited several laboratories and we made research presentations in the fields of science, economics and politics. Afterward, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony was held with great dignity---it seemed like a dream come true. On the following day there was a TV debate among the Nobel laureates, an active discussion about the future of the Nobel Prize, and others topics. We had a special opportunity to put questions to the laureates as representatives of all the participants.

We were surprised to find that interest in Japanese culture is very high among people of foreign countries. I (Miss Tabuci) wore a kimono to the ceremony, and many people were delighted to see it. We learned from our stay in Stockholm that we can build better relationships by understanding and helping each other.

It was a special experience and we are most grateful to the Foundation for giving us this opportunity.

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