We participated in the 1999 Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) which was held during Nobel Week from Dec 4th to Dec 11th. It was a very busy and intensive eight days during which we met and got to know 30 young scientists from 17 different countries. The presentations given by the participants, on a wide range of topics, were both interesting and stimulating.

It was fascinating to observe the Nobel lectures given by the laureates themselves. While it was not always easy to follow every detail of their speeches, it was nevertheless possible to glean much about their personalities from the way in which they delivered their lectures. In particular, we were deeply moved by the chance to talk with the laureates themselves, during receptions that were held by both the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Foundation.

However, our most unforgettable memory will remain the Nobel Prize award ceremony at the Concert Hall. The profound significance and personal pride associated with the Nobel Prize was plain to see from the nervous expressions on the laureates’ faces, about to receive their medals and Nobel Prize certificates from the King of Sweden.

Also unforgettable was the Nobel Ball in the City Hall and the elegance on the dance floor of Dr. Gunter Grass, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature.

Overall, the 1999 SIYSS was an occasion that left us fired up and motivated in the quest for scientific research excellence and discovery.

Finally, may we express our deep gratitude to the JSTF for giving us the chance to attend the 1999 SIYSS.

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