We participated in the 25th Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) which was held during Nobel week. We had opportunities to not only attend the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, but also to visit the Swedish Royal Palace and the Karolinska Institute. Furthermore, it was a very precious experience for us to talk about our work and future dreams with 30 students selected from 19 countries. From this experience, we learned different and new ideas. The most impressive event in this seminar was the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. We felt the dignity of the achievement that laureates obtained by devoting their lives to their work, when the Nobel prize, the most honorable prize for scientists, was awarded to the laureates. Especially, when Dr. Hideki Shirakawa was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry, we thought that he was an honor to this country. We also felt the importance of transnational cooperation when Dr. Shirakawa and another two chemistry laureates from the U.S. shook hands with each other to recognize each other’s contributions.
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