We participated in the 26th Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS). The highlight of the occasion was to attend the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. Other students selected from several dozen countries also took part. We had the valuable experience of conversing with them and of attending various events including the award ceremony.

We found that other participants were greatly interested in research areas outside their specialties, as well as in their own actual fields. We liked that. The most impressive event of the seminar was, naturally, the award ceremony. 2001 was the centennial year of the Nobel Prize. We had a great opportunity being there with so many Nobel Prize winners. These winners conveyed to us the thought that the real value of their work as scientists lies not only in their research but in the realms of humanity and of inter-personal communications. So we considered that the "language" of human relations is important. We would like to make connections with others, smiling as we go. This way we can broaden our horizons.

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