PhotoMegumi Arako
Tohoku University

I was sent from Japan as a participant of SIYSS (Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar) from 4th to 12th December 2004. Twenty-five students from 17 countries, who studied about Science got together and followed the SIYSS program. The program was composed of visiting to laboratories, museum and parliament in Sweden, seeing Swedish princesses, and participating every Nobel events. We followed the program with great joy from the morning till almost midnight.

Although almost all participants are around 20 years old and 2-4 years younger than I am, they have studied about their projects so deeply that I cannot regard them as a students who have just graduated from their high school. In addition, when I told about my research in English, they could understand it that was not related in their field. I also was explained about their research with some figures. As I have seldom chance to talk about different subjects from those I've done usually, it was quite new for me and interesting to talk with other participants about our projects or more. Also, It made me envy with them and also I admired for it. that they could establish their own projects even when they were high school students.

In addition, we had a chance to communicate with Swedish high school students. Two high school students and two from us made one team and work for a task together. These students are interested in Science and also in our projects. It sounds nice that older Scientists communicate with the younger. I wondered that this is from influences of Noble prize.

We attended every Nobel events. When we were the press conference of Medicine and physiology prize, I went to Rechard Axel to ask him a question after finishing press conference. He answered my question and explained kindly. Furthermore, we had a chance to talk with anyone at the Nobel reception; I talked to Nobel laureates. All laureates we talked were so friendly, which is so impressed for me. Especially we talked with Prof. Frank Wikczak, the Physics laureate, for about 1 hour. Finally I gave him my name card and he gave me his one. Moreover, at the Banquet I talked with another SIYSS participant to walk along the center table to see the Swedish king while we returned to our table from toilet. When we were walking close to royal family, Crown Princess Victoria whom we had met 2 days before talked to us. I was so surprised and impressed that she recognized us whom she had met only once and that she talked to us. In the Ball and Nightcaps, the atmosphere was much friendlier. Everyone can talk to anyone as well. I had a great whole night. Everyone staying there blesses the laureates, pays a great respect for Science, and is interested in Science. I feel so honored to have stayed there.

We spent very concentrated week because the coordinators prepared the program so well. They considered for it even one year ago. I must tell my experiences and stimulate younger generation. Furthermore, I will keep in touch with other participants and people I met in SIYSS 2004 and will influence to each other. I really thank to all that help me to participate such a great program.

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