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My impression of the SIYSS2004

My dreamy week was finished on 12th of December, 2004. I would like to write down my impression of the SIYSS2004 in Stockholm here in order to make sure that the week in Stockholm was a reality and report my precious experiments there to everyone.

I got a mail recruiting participants in the SIYSS2004 this August from my department mailing list. Although I ordinarily passed through mails at first glance, I gave attention to the mail when I saw it saying "If you want to take part in the Nobel Prize ceremony, let's challenge this competition". On reading this mail, I did search about SIYSS. I decided to apply to this competition immediately and then began to write an essay for application.

The selection was held twice. In the second, though I took interviews in both Japanese and English, I could manage to do it smoothly, and all I could do was just waiting for the result.

I got the result of the selection late in September. At that time, though I couldn't feel that participation in the Nobel Prize ceremony was real, I was just happy to get a chance.

I could also hear about Stockholm and the SIYSS concretely from a travel agency officer and the past participants whom staffs of the foundation called for me. However, I couldn't feel it real yet.
After all, I prepared the presentations for my research and introduction of Japan in a hurry. Preparing all staffs without any troubles, I left for Stockholm on 4th of December.

The actual programs there were much more than I had imagined. The first thing I was impressed by was the work of local staffs younger than me. They managed to do these hard schedule accompanied by many young participants, 25 persons from 17 different countries. They always devoted themselves to take care about participants and though of the way we would spend the week worthwhile. If there had no been their efforts, we couldn't have spent such a dreamy week.

The second I was impressed in Stockholm was the enthusiasm for science of Swedish people. I thought not only the gorgeous Nobel Prize ceremony by the whole Swedish people but also their pride in it , an academic atmosphere of the town and the surroundings of high school students interested in science allowed the Swedish science to keep high level.

In addition, I felt the other members in the seminar mature as a scientist. Although almost all of them were young people just graduating from their high schools, they already had their own projects and discussed about them deeply. I couldn't find any difference between them and me when discussing about their researches. At that time, I called up young people in Japan, and I was worried about the future of Japanese science. Of course, there are some excellent young students in Japan too. However, are there surroundings where these students develop their abilities much more in the current situation of Japan? How many students have their will, what they want to do in a university, before going to a university?

Additionally, I keenly realized again that my English was very poor compared with other participants who were also not native speakers. As English is a common language in science, I am worrying about the Japanese science again in this respect.

Last but no least, people can realize again about both bad aspects and good aspects of Japan. In this seminar, I could felt the Asian cultures and characters proudly.
In conclusion, this trip let me to think strongly that I want to improve myself much more and devote myself to Japan in the future.

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