We attended the 32nd Stockholm International Science Seminar (SIYSS) during Nobel week, which was from December 4-10, 2007. SIYSS is held by the Swedish Federation of Young Scientists in connection with the Nobel Foundation. This year we were able to meet 23 other participants from 15 different countries. They were very talented young scientists, who had won competitions in their own countries. All the participants received a kind and warm reception from 11 coordinators from Sweden.
In the program, we had a chance to present our own research in front of a lot of listeners. There were other participants, students in Sweden, and professors who are interested in our research. We have to admit that giving a presentation in English is tough, but it was a great experience. We got some feedback from the audience. They told us that they were interested in our projects and asked us to talk to them in detail. It was a great honour.

Besides, we attended Nobel festivities such as the Press Conference, the Nobel lecture, The Nobel Foundation’s reception, and the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. We also visited the Nobel museum, and several universities and institutions which are world-renowned. It is great to visit such prestigious places. What is more, we were able to talk with several prize winners directly. They were humble and pleasant people, who were modest about their big prizes. In fact, they were so kind and sociable as to talk with us. We were deeply impressed by them.

The climax of the seminar was attending the Nobel Award Ceremony. It was an unforgettable experience for us to participate in the formal (award ceremony and Nobel banquet) and informal (night cap) parts of this celebration. We were proud to be present at this historic moment. Not only did we attend the ceremony but we learned about different cultures. During the event, we wore Japanese traditional attire, that is, kimono and hakama. Our fellows showed a great interest in our costumes and asked us about them. We in turn asked them about theirs. It was a great pleasure to share our traditions.

SIYSS has been a precious experience. We studied socially and culturally, as well as academically. We are grateful to The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan (JSTF) for offering us this opportunity, which will have a great influence on our careers and development.

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