PhotoHiroki Nakao
The University of Tokyo
Cloning and Studying functions of an enormous gene, Herc2.

1. Objective

The final target of my research is to discover the effective treatment for a disease, Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). For this purpose, I am cloning a gene called Herc2, which is thought to be responsible for the disease. So the first step is to finish the cloning. Then, I am analyzing functions of the gene; the second goal is to understand functions of the gene, which leads to the discovery of medical care.

2. Background

Before the main part, I am going to talk about basic information on PWS so that every listener can understand how important it is to find the medical treatment for the disease. Then, I am going to explain some basic knowledge on molecular biology, which helps listeners to understand my research.

3. Methods

Mainly, I use Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in order to acquire cDNA of Herc2. Herc2 is an enormous gene whose base point is over 14000, which makes it impossible to copy the gene at one time. Therefore, I am trying to clone the gene by separating it into five parts. After getting five separate parts, I am going to stick them together.

4. Results & Conclusion

Now, I have completed cloning two segments out of five. I will add further results which are to be clear by the seminar.

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