matsushitaMayu Yoshikawa
Kyoto University

After conversing with the Nobel laureates, and interacting with my peers from across the globe, It's not possible for me to find the words that fairly convey the extent of my excitement of participating in the Nobel Prize events & SIYSS 2009 (Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar) this year. My memories of the week in Sweden helped to acquire two essential research traits; enjoyment of research study and frequent open discussions.

It is my vision to eradicate poverty in the developing countries by genetic approach. Contrary to the ambition, my research does not go well and sometimes perplexed at the results. For my standstill state like that, Nobel Prize this year was very interesting considering the Prizes awarded for "Ribosome" and "Telomerese" which are related to my research interest and the five of Laureates were women.

Attending the Nobel Ceremony, Nobel Lectures , Nobel Foundation Reception, the Banquet, the Ball, the NightCap, and I realized what a priceless privilege I had been awarded. At the Nobel lectures, I was astonished by the patience of Prof. Yonath (Chemistry Nobel Prize 2009) who was the first to crystallize Ribosome which had been said impossible at that time. As the words of Prof. Ramakrishnan (Chemistry Nobel Prize 2009) "We were enjoying our research so much that we would have been happier even if we did not get the Nobel Prize." indicates their works were filled with joy and passion. The similar attitude was learned from son of Prof. Kao’s (Physics Nobel Prize 2009) words "I could see that Father enjoys what he studies." The laureates emphasized that the most important thing for research is passion for mystery solving. Another thing I learned from Laureates is the importance of discussion. According to Prof. Blackburn (Medicine and Physiology Prize 2009), she failed most of the times at her research and every time she failed she had open discussions with colleague, family and friends, bringing her new insights. Prof. Boyle (Physics Prize 2009) advised not to hesitate for paradigm shift. I am convinced more than ever to follow wherever my heart and desire to discover leads me.

The flexibility to get rid of the stereotype is crucial for an animated discussion. This can be learned by the backgrounds of Laureates this year. The science is not a domestic matter any more but a world wide concern which should be activated internationally. Needless to say, discussion in English is essential for that and the discussion between various people (from different culture, fields, ages…etc.) can bring more daring ideas to the science.

Thus, as we can see glorious Laureates this year, Goran K. Hansson , Secretary ,Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine mentioned the Nobel Prize is the award for the "Discovery". But we should remember that the study which develop the "discovery" and bring it to the practical use is also important. When considering optics fiber and CCD camera and how useful these are, we can see how important are the researches following the "discovery".

As one of twenty five students from nineteen nations participating in the program , most of them were younger than me. But they had their own research topics from various disciplines. I admired it and at the same time, was impressed about the science which triumph age gaps and can be discussed purely about the context. Sometimes the discussion topics among SIYSS participants extended even to racial discrimination, AIDS and environmental problems.

The SIYSS coordinators were local student not older than 25 but very capable and systematic in organizing the program. I am very thankful to them for this amazing and power packed week.

At the end, I want to introduce the poetry written by Hideki Yukawa which I found at the Nobel museum. "Midorikoki Matsumiruhitomo Hitonoyono Heiwatsuzuketo Inoruasayuu". This again inspired me to research sincerely for eradication of poverty by genetic approach for the world peace.

Experiences such as this have enabled me to truly celebrate and explore my passion for yscience and technology. I would like to express my best and sincere gratitude to The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan for providing me the opportunity to participate in this year’s SIYSS as a delegate of Japan. I also thank the members and coordinators of SIYSS for making this event more than unforgettable, and show my appreciation to the members of the Japanese Embassy in Stockholm.

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