Stockholm international Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) is an annual weeklong event for young international scientists, arranged in connection with the Novel festivities by the SIYSS committee of the Swedish Federation of Young Scientists with support from the Nobel Foundation.
 In SIYSS 2010, 25 young scientists gathered from 18 countries all over the world and exchanged various views each other. Although it was only a weeklong short seminar, we joined in many precious events such as Nobel prize ceremony, Nobel Banquet, Lectures by laureates and so on. Also, we learned great deal by exchanging words with Nobel laureates. Here, we would like to report what we have learned through joining in SIYSS.
 Throughout the seminar, we were looking for an answer for our simple question, “What is an essential temper to become a greatest scientist?”. Words of laureates gave us some hints to reach the answer. Firstly, Dr. Eiichi Negishi kindly advised us to carry out research in world-top-level environment. From his words, we felt it necessary to be able to work globally to concentrate on essential studies. Secondly, Dr. Andre Geim, Physics prize laureate, has given us a lecture on importance of simple and interesting scientific presentation. He has previously received Ig Nobel prize for showing “Flying frogs and Levitrons”. From his experience, he told us to make presentation easy and interesting enough to get people’s attention and more importantly, “enjoy” the science. Thirdly, the word “Get interested in any field and study hard.” by Dr. Akira Suzuki was very impressive to us. Even though scientific research tends to be carried out in a very specific area, we should always try to maintain broad view and seek possibility of application of the technique.
 What is more, we recognized the interest of science once again. We discussed future of science with various people, from local high school students to laureates, regardless of nationalities, ages or languages, which was so much of fun. Through this great experience, we deeply realized that science contains not only interest but also “a sense of unity“ to work towards global issues as one. It is often said, “power of science is needed to change world better.”, which is probably true. However, we realized for the first time that “ the process of cooperating globally to reach to the result” is fairly important as well as the result itself.
 We are proud of being Japanese representatives of SIYSS in the special year that there are 2 Japanese great Nobel laureates. Remembering this great experience, we would like to launch a career in science and cross any barriers we might encounter in the future.  

 At last, we would sincerely appreciate Japan Prize Foundation, which has given us greatest support.
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