We received a great honor to participate “The 36th Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS)” from December 4th to December 11th on 2011. With the cordial help in attending the seminar from “The Japan Prize Foundation” which selects the participating students from Japan to SIYSS, we truly gained valuable experiences inattending the seminar. We are deeply thankful for their hospitality.
Every year at SIYSS, about 20 young scientists are selected and participate. SIYSS is a program for young scientists which provides intellectual interactions among participants through their presentations of their own research, attending the prestigious Nobel Prize ceremony and its associated events. All of the relevant events such as attending the Nobel Prize ceremony, conversing with the Nobel Laureates, listening to various intellectually stimulating seminar, visiting world famous Karolinska Institute, provided us truly valuable experiences. Although the entire seminar was structured within a week, everyday in SIYSS was filled with excitements and intellectual surprises.

It was our great honor to participate at the Nobel Prize ceremony which cerebrates the most cutting edge scientific research from around the world and embraces the greatest accomplishments of the laureates. As young scientists who participated these wonderful events, these unforgettable experiences stimulated our intellectual passions in pursuing our scientific goals. The friendship we made with the other young scientists from around the world and their passions in delivering their high standards of producing their own research outcome is particularly worth mentioning.
The inspiring experiences in SIYSS, friendships forged and lighthearted moments will always be remembered. With the great appreciations to others, we would like to devote our effort in attaining a higher state of scientific goals.

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