nakahiraYorie Nakahira
Tokyo Institute of Technology

I attended Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) 2011. During this seminar I joined various activities of Nobel Week. That week was fabulous, inspiring, and memorable.

I had the following three memorable moments. First, I was greatly moved when Nobel winners received their prizes at Nobel ceremony. I felt the beat of the laud applause given to each winner. It was like the whole audience was praising that the scientist have devoted their whole life to one thing. Second, I was impressed by the lecture given by Dr. Dan Shechtman, who discovered quasicrystals. He believed in his own finding when most scientists regarded his results as a mistake. I learned that a pioneer needs to have a strong faith and the courage to think beyond common sense. Third, I had a valuable opportunity to talk to Nobel scientists, their colleagues, and their family at Nobel reception. The reception had such a friendly ambiance that we could easily talk to whoever standing close to you. I remember clearly when I came across an old lady, the mother of Dr. Bruce, who told me how Dr. Bruce loved his research. It was out of his love for research that he was able to make the most of his talent and won the prize.

We also had the opportunity to present our research. I got various comment and questions that were helpful in my current research. I also learned various things from other participants of SIYSS. Most of them achieved results in research for less than a year. It was fun to talk to them on our researches: their choice of topic was deeply related to the need of society, their methodswere effective and inspiring. 

SIYSS was a week of wonder. I will make the most of what I learned from SIYSS in my future research career. Last but not least, I would like to thank The Japan Prize Foundation, SIYSS coordinator, and people in Tokyo Institute of Technology for giving me such great opportunities.  




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