tanakaKen Tanaka
Amherst College

On the 11th of December 2011, I boarded the airplane from Stockholm after a truly enjoyable week with 24 prominent young scientists from around the world. After I sat down on my seat with the Swedish Newspaper which describes the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony last night, I began to recall my enjoyable week among 24 Prominent Young Scientists from around the world with the greatest memory.

I participated “Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) which is the program coordinated along with the Nobel festivities as a Representative of Japan from among 24 prominent young scientists globally. The aim for this program is to broaden and further develop our research interests by interacting with the very selective group of Young Scientists during the Nobel Week in Stockholm. After all, the week in Stockholm for me was an unforgettable experience and provided me truly valuable experiences which I think there is no exact words that certainly convey my feelings. The week was filled with various memorable moments such as discussing my Cancer Research project with Dr. Bruce Beutler (Physiology or Medicine), attending Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. Any of which is filled with the greatest memory and those are the kind of an experience which I cannot experience elsewhere. Among those various memorable moments, I would like to report on the intellectual interactions with other 24 Prominent Young Scientists from around the world.

The participants’ research agenda varies tremendously such as Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Chemistry, Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, and Applied Mathematics. I was particularly impressed with the research presentations by the Representative of Argentina (“Analysis in Toxigenic Cyanobacteria blooms in Water Eutrophication of local reservoir”). Although he commenced this research in high school, his results were reported to the regional governmental authorities which carried out actions in order to improve the quality of drinking water. After listening to his research presentations, I was filled with scientific excitements and intellectual curiosities. His passions towards Science and his eagerness for learning provided me a great insight for my future directions.

Furthermore, I learned the following ideas through interacting with other young cientists.
1. High Professionalism
2. Establishing Sophisticated Expertise
3. Deriving own Strategy
4. Improving society from Science

They have their own strong beliefs in contributing society from their Scientific Expertise. Our high professional attitudes towards Science were further grown through the interactions with other young scientists. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere ratitude to The Japan Prize Foundation which provided me these such memorable moments and opportunities in participating SIYSS. Last but not least, the intellectual interaction with 24 prominent Young Scientists from around the world was the best memory during my stay in Sweden. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart for all the participating young scientists. SIYSS was an unforgettable experience, in which I have met the most amazing and passionate people. The inspiring experience, friendships forged and lighthearted moments will always be remembered.

(Organization: at the time of participation)


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