oyakeTakafumi Oyake
The University of Tokyo

This year, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was Japanese scientist, Professor Shinya Yamanaka, for the discovery of iPS Cells. It is a great honor to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremonies as a representative of Japanese young scientists. When Prof. Yamanaka was receiving the Nobel Medal from the king of Sweden, I was very impressed and moved. This event will likely become a lifelong treasure for my life in the future.
I participated in “Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar” (SIYSS) with the full support of the Japan Prize Foundation. During the Nobel Week, talented 25 young scientists from 19 countries interacted with each other by discussing scientific topics and by attending the Nobel Prize Ceremonies and the Nobel Banquet, which we can not ordinarily experience. At the seminar, which is one of the main events in SIYSS activities, all participants made presentations for Swedish high school students. Although most of SIYSS members were younger than I, all presentations were excellent and I am sure that everyone deserves to represent their country. Specifically, I get friendly with room mates: Gabor, Hein and Philip. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce them.

Gabor: Representative of Hungary. His research is measuring the motion of planets using Doppler Effect although he is in first year in the university. We had many discussions about NASA project, energy issue on space ships, Japanese probe vehicle “Hayabusa” and so on.

Hein: Representative of South Africa. He is a high school student and a winner of a championship in South Africa with his hand-built radio control tank. I was really surprised to find his deep knowledge about mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, which is equal to the knowledge university students have.

Philip: Representative of Austria. He got a patent for his invention. His device can protect cameras from high temperature inside a steel plant. We heatedly discussed differences between Japanese and Austrian industry, especially steel manufacturing companies.

All participants have their visions for the future, which is the most important thing to find the discovery mentioned by Prof Yamanaka and Prof. John Gurdon, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Prof. Yamanaka. Thus this program was highly motivating for me to have second though about what is my vision for my research.

Finally, I am most grateful to The Japan Prize Foundation for giving me a great opportunity to participate in excellent program. I would like to contribute to the progression of Japan’s science and technology with invaluable experiences derived from this seminar. In addition, it is my mission to communicate a message acquired by SIYSS to everyone around the world.

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