We participated in the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) as Japanese representatives from December 4th to 11th in 2014. Outstanding young scientists from all over the world gather at Stockholm during the Nobel Week and spend an exciting week, participating in events such as the Nobel Awarding Ceremony and the Nobel Banquet. 24 people between 18 and 24 years old from 18 countries were selected as representatives of each country this year and we had the great opportunity to be one of the members. In addition to the attendance at the Nobel Ceremony and Nobel Banquet, many events were organized for SIYSS members such as study visits to Karolinska Institutet and KTH, the SIYSS seminar for high school students in Stockholm, the ethic seminar, and so on.

Three Japanese received the Nobel Prize in Physics this year. The Nobel Laureates, including Prof. Akasaki, Prof. Amano, and Prof. Nakamura, directly gave us fruitful advices for being researchers. Through the program spending time with prominent participants from all over the world, they always inspired our way of thinking about Japan and ourselves.  

During the SIYSS week, we learned innumerable important things, and the week became unforgettable for us forever. We would like to show our great appreciation to the Japan Prize Foundation, which gave us the amazing opportunity to participate in SIYSS, and the local coordinators who had long prepared for such a memorable week for a whole year.
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