On behalf of Japan, we two participated in Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) from 4th to 11th December, 2015. During the Nobel week in Stockholm, young scientists from all over the world gather there. In this year, 25 young students aged 18 to 24 were chosen as each country’s represent and we luckily got the opportunity to be the members. With wonderful members, we spent the exciting nine days, for example, we took part in the Nobel prize award ceremony and banquet, visited Karolinska Institutet and KTH, made presentations on our research projects and ethical issues discussed in ethics seminar.

This year is the memorial year since Profs. Satoshi Omura and Takaaki Kajita received the Nobel prize in each field. We are so glad and proud to participate in such wonderful year. Moreover, during the SIYSS, we could get lots of precious advices from laureates such as Profs. Omura and Kajita. Furthermore, through international exchange with wonderful young scientists from all over the world and coordinators who supported/organized SIYSS precisely, we started thinking lots of things, and it became our first step to rethink our future career and postures against our research. We would like to use these precious experiences for our future growth. Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to the Japan Prize Foundation that sent us to Stockholm, and coordinators of SIYSS who prepared for as much as one year to realize this wonderful opportunity.

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