sasamoriHitomi Sasamori
Hokkaido University

I was fortunate to be one of the two participants from Japan to attend the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS), which was held in the Nobel Week in Stockholm, Sweden. We, the participants of the SIYSS, had a great opportunity to take part in the Nobel reception, the ceremony, the banquet, and the nightcap. Also, we all presented our research work at a formal symposium attended by high school students in Sweden. What was memorable in this seminar were as follows; the conversation with the laureates, the presentation of my research, and the international friendship we built.

First, it was an amazing experience to have a conversation with the Nobel laureates. Though they were so busy in the Nobel Week, they were very friendly and kindly told us many things. I was very moved to hear their enthusiasm for their research. I will never forget this lovely experience.

Second, I learned many things by presenting my research work. We had to explain how important our research is to high school students in Sweden. It was a good chance to think carefully about how my research would be able to help people. In addition, the presentations of other participants broadened my horizon.

Lastly, I would like to mention that this international exchange was a great inspiration. There were some medical students in the participants and we had discussions on our career, the school life in each university, and recent interesting subject in medical research. Also, we talked many other topics such as cultures, languages, politics, and so on. Thanks to these experiences, I got more interested in studying abroad.

In the end I thank all the people of the Japan Prize Foundation whom enabled me to experience such a valuable opportunity, the local coordinators who have worked so hard to make the best out of this short week, and all other people who associated with the events of SIYSS.


With Takaaki Kajita, winner of Nobel Physics Prize

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