Japan Prize

Objective of the Japan Prize

The promotion of peace and prosperity is a widespread ideal. In the course of history, countless individuals, working in a variety of field, have devoted themselves to the realization of this goal. The remarkable progress of science, technology and social institutions in modern times is the cumulative result of generations of individuals who have sought to raise the standard of living and to improve the social environment.

Science and technology have the power to change our lives in both positive and negative ways. Japan has few natural resources, but has managed to achieve a high level of economic growth through the assimilation and application of science and technology. It has also experienced the destructive effects that science and technology can have on the society and the environment.

The Japan Prize Foundation believes that Japan has a responsibility to demonstrate to the international community its commitment to the promotion and development of science and technology. One way in which we can demonstrate our commitment is to honor those whose research in these areas has contributed to the peace and prosperity of mankind.

We hope that the Japan Prize will contribute to the promotion of international cooperation and look forward to the continuing support of scientists and technologists throughout the world.


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