Press Room

Photos for the 2017 (33rd) Japan Prize

April 19, 2017, Presentation Ceremony at National Theatre of Japan

Opening Remarks
Dr. Yoshio Yazaki

Report on the Selection of the Laureates
Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama

Dr. & Mrs. Adi Shamir

Dr. Adi Shamir

Dr. & Mr. Jennifer A. Doudna

Prof. Emmanuelle Charpentier

Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna

Congratulatory Speech
Mr. Tadamori Oshima

Commemorative concert
(Tokyo Geidai Symphony Orchestra)

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Japan Prize News No.59

2018 Japan Prize Laureates Announced
This year’s Japan Prize will be awarded to Dr. Akira Yoshino for his significant contributions to the development of lithium ion batteries,
and jointly to Dr. Max D. Cooper and Dr. Jacques Miller for the establishment of the basic concepts underlying modern immunology
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