Laureates of the Japan Prize

The 1991 (7th) Japan Prize

Imaging Techniques in Medicine
Development of ultrasound imaging in medicine


Dr. John Julian Wild (USA)

M.D., Ph.D., FAIUM, Head, Physicomedical Institute, Minneapolis
Award Citation

In 1949, Dr. Wild manufactured prototype equipment for A-mode ultrasonography and with this equipment, he succeeded in measuring the thickness of the human colon. This was the first attempt to use ultrasound for biomedical application.

 Subsequently, he developed a two-dimensional ultrasound image employing B-mode equipment, for which he has been also recognized as being the first pioneer of medical ultrasonic imaging. The method today is widely used on a variety of occasions including detection and diagnosis of brain tumors and breast cancer. In particular, the breast imaging by this equipment brought about the successful imaging of a tiny 7mm diameter nipple cancer.

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