Nominations and Selection Process

  • Every November the Fields Selection Committee of the Japan Prize Foundation designates and announces two fields in which the Japan Prize will be awarded two years hence. At the same time, The Foundation calls for over 13,000 nominators, strictly comprised of prominent scientists and researchers from around the world invited by the Foundation, to nominate the candidates through the web by Web System. The deadline for nominations is the end of February of following year.
  • For each field, a Selection Subcommittee conducts a rigorous evaluation of the candidates’ academic achievements. The conclusions are then forwarded to Selection Committee, which conducts evaluations of candidates’ achievements from a wider perspective, including contributions to the progress of science and technology, and significant advancement towards the cause of world peace and prosperity, and finally the selected candidates are recommended for the Prize.
  • The recommendations are then sent to the Foundation’s Board of Directors, which makes the final decision on the winners.
  • The nomination and selection process takes almost one year from the time that the fields are decided. Every January, The winners of that year’s Japan Prize are announced. The Presentation Ceremony is held in mid-April in Tokyo.


Japan Prize Official Nominators

The Japan Prize Official Nominators are selected by the Foundation among scientists from all over the world by the following criteria.

  • Members and associated members of academies or scientific societies
  • Representatives of scientific societies or scientists holding equivalent status
  • Presidents, deans, professors or associate professors of leading universities
  • Presidents of leading scientific and technological organizations, research institutes, or scientists holding equivalent status
  • Scientists who have been awarded the Japan Prize or an internationally established prize
  • In addition, authorities or experts from whom the Foundation considers it appropriate to invite the nominations of candidates
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