Laureates of the Japan Prize


Dr. Charles K. Kao

1996 (12th) Japan Prize Laureate

Information, Computer and Communication Systems
For pioneering research on wideband, low-loss optical fiber communications
Commemorative Lecture
The Dawning of an Information Age
Nationality: USA
Date of Birth: November 4,1933
Academic Degrees:
1957 B.Sc. from London University (Electrical Engineering)
1965 Ph.D. from London University (Electrical Engineering)
Professional Career:
1957-60 Development Engineer, Standard Telephone & Cables,Ltd. (STL), London, U.K.
1960-69 Principal Research Engineer, Standard Telephone & Cables, Ltd. (STL), London U.K.
1970-74 Professor, Electronics Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1974-81 Chief Scientist, Electro-Optical Products Division, ITT, Roanoke, Va., USA
1981-83 Vice President and Director of Engineering, Electro-Optical Products Division, ITT, Roanoke, Va, USA
1983-87 Executive Scientist and Director of Research, Advanced Tech Center, ITT, Shelton, Conn., USA
1987-Present President, Vice-Chancellor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Title: Vice-Chancellor and President, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Major Publications:
  1. "Optical Fiber", Peter Peregrinus Ltd. on behalf of The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1988
  2. "Optical Fiber Systems: Technology, Design, and Applications", McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1982
  3. Kao,K.C. and Hockham,G.A., "Dielectric-fibre surface waveguides for optical frequencies", Proc. I.E.E.Vol. 113, No.7,July 1966,pp.1151-1158.
  4. Kao,K.C.and Davies,T.W., "Spectrophotometric studies of ultra low loss optical glasses-I: single beam method", Journal of Scientific Instruments (Journal of Physics E) 1968, Series 2, Vol.1,pp.1063-1068.
  5. Jones,M.W.and Kao,K.C.,"Spectrophotometric studies of ultra low loss optical glasses-II: double beam method", Journal of Scientific Instruments (Journal of Physics E) March 1969, Series 2, Vol.2, No.4,pp.331-335.
  6. Wright,C.R.and Kao,K.C.,"spectrophotometric studies of ultra low loss optical glasses-III: Ellipsometric determination of surface reflectances", Journal of Scientific Instruments (Journal of Physics E) 1969, Series 2, Vol.2,pp.579-583.
  7. Kao,C.and Bickel,G., "Fiber connectors, splices and couplers", Fiber Optics Advances in Research and Development, Bendow, Bernard and Mitra, Shashanka S. (ed.), Plenum Press, New York, 1979,pp.437-494.
  8. Kao,C.K., "Optical fibre and cables", Optical Fibre Communications,M.J.Howes and D.V.Morgan (ed.), John Wiley & Sons, Chapter 5,1980,pp.189-249.
  9. Kao,K.C.and Collier,M.E., "Fibre-optic systems in future telecommunication networks", Telecommunications, 1977.pp.25-32.
  10. Kao,C.K.,"10 (12) bit/s optoelectronics technology", IEE Proceedings, Vol. 133,Pt.J, No.3, June 1986.pp.230-236.
  11. Kao, Charles K., "An evolution towards a future network", Special issue on "Dreams of Future Communications" for the IEICE Transactions on Communications, Vol. E75-B,No.1, January 1992.pp.3-8.
  12. Kao. Charles K., "The Challenges of Developing New Information Services" for 1995 Marconi Contennial Symposium, Bologna, June 18-25, 1995.
Major Honors:
  • Morey Award, American Ceramic Society (1976)
  • Stewart Ballantine Medal, Franklin Institute, USA (1977)
  • Rank Prize, Rank Trust Fund, U.K. (1978)
  • Morris Liebmann Memorial Award, IEEE, USA (1978)
  • L.M.Ericsson International Prize, Sweden (1979)
  • Gold Medal, Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, USA (1980)
  • Alexander Graham Bell Medal, IEEE, USA (1985)
  • Marconi International Fellowship, Marconi Foundation, USA (1985)
  • Columbus Medal of the City of Genoa. Italy (1985)
  • C & C Prize, Foundation for Communication and Computer Promotion, Japan (1987)
  • International Prize for New Materials, American Physical Society, USA (1989)
  • Faraday Medal, Institute of Electrical Engineers, U.K. (1989)
  • Gold Medal, The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), USA (1992)
  • Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) (1993)
  • Gold Medal for Engineering Excellence, The World Federation of Engineering Organizations(WFEO), U.K. (1995)
  • Member, National Academy of Engineering, USA
  • Fellow, institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA
  • Foreign Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering and Sciences (IVA), Sweden
  • Fellow, Institute of Electrical Engineers, U.K.
  • Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Fellow, Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, Hong Kong
Graduates Honors Causa:
  • Doctor of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1985)
  • Doctor of Science, University of Sussex, U.K. (1990)
  • Degree of Honorary Doctor, Soka University, Japan (1991)
  • Doctor of Engineering University of Glasgow U.K. (1992)
  • Doctor of Science, University of Durham, U.K. (1994)
  • Honorary Professor, Peking University (1995)
  • Honorary Professor, Tsinghua University (1995)
  • Honorary Professor, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing ( 1995)
  • Honorary Professor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (1995)
  • Doctor of the University, Griffith University, Australia (1995)

( At the time of receipt of the Prize )

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