Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
    5 August 1933

Outline of Achievements

Outline of Achievements

The 1997 Japan Prize

  • Field:
    Systems Engineering for an Artifactual Environment
  • Achievement:
    Establishment of the robot industry and creation of a techno-global paradigm
  • Lecture:
    General Design Theory and Environment

Major Awards and Honors Received

1991 Silver Core Medal, International Federation of Information Processing
1994 53rd Noteworthy Inventions, Science and Technology Agency
1995 Education Award, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
1995 Hasunuma Award, Society for Precision Engineering
1996 Honorary Degree of Doctor, University of Strathclyde, U.K. Honorary Doctor, Twente University of Technology, Netherlands

Membership in Academic Institutions and Societies

1957- Member, Japan Society for Precision Engineering
1965- Member, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
1968-88 Corresponding member, International Institution for Production Engineering Research (CIRP)
1980- Member, Society of Information Processing
1983- Member, Japan Society of Robotics
1985- Member, Artificial Intelligence Society
1986- Member, IFIP WG 5.2 (CAD)
1988-90 Vice-President, Society for Precision Engineering
1988- Full member, CIRP
1989-91 Director, CIRP
1990- Editorial board, "Robotics and Automation Systems" Editorial board, "Design Engineering"
1992-94 President, Society for Precision Engineering
1992-93 Vice-President, CIRP 1993-95 President, CIRP
1985- Member, Japanese Industrial Standards Committee, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
1987- Councilor, Science and Technology Agency
1989- Member, Council of Industrial Technology, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
1991- Member, Science Council, Ministry of Education
1993- Member, University Council, Ministry of Education

Academic Degrees

1956 B.S. Department of Precision Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1964 Ph.D. in Precision Machinery Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Professional Career

1956-66 Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
1966-78 Associate Professor, Dept. of Precision Machinery Engineering The University of Tokyo
1967-68 Senior Visiting Staff, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham, U.K.
1977-78 Guest Professor of Technical University of Norway in Trondheim
1978 Professor of the Department of Precision Machinery Engineering
1989-91 Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1993-Present President of The University of Tokyo present


  • Former President, The University of Tokyo

Major Publications and Scientific Papers

  • Flexible Manufacturing Complex Provided with Laser-A National R & D, Proc. of the Intl. Symposium on Factory in Future (Amsterdam), 1979.
  • General Design Theory and A CAD Systems, in T. Sata and E. Warman (eds.): Man-machine Communication in CAD/CAM, Proc. of the IFIP WG5.2-5.3 Working Conference (Tokyo), North-Holland, Amsterdam, 35-53, 1980.
  • Designer's designing Models, International Conference on Engineering Design, Proc. of ICED 83 (Kobenhavn), 337-344, 1983.
  • Automation of Thinking in design, in E. Warman (eds.): Computer Applications in Production and Engineering, Proc. of CAPE, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 405-417, 1983.
  • Necessity and Potential of Maintenance Technology-Automation of Maintenance, Proc. of the 7th Congress of Europe. Fed. Nat. Maintenance Societies, 1984.
  • Introduction to General Design Theory; Intelligent Manufacturing Systems,International Summer Seminar (Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia), 1985.
  • General Design Theory as a Formal Theory of Design, in H. Yoshikawa and D. Gossard (eds.): Intelligent CAD, I, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 51-61, 1989.
  • Design Philosophy: The State of the Art, Proc. of the 39th CIRP General Assembly (Trondheim, Norway), Annals of the CIRP, Vol.38, No.2, 579-586, 1989.
  • Manufacturing and the 21st Century-Intelligent Manufacturing Systems and the Renaissance of the Manufacturing Industry, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, North-Holland, Vol.49, No.2, 195-213, 1995.
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