Laureates of the Japan Prize


Dr. Leo Esaki

1998 Japan Prize Laureate

Generation and Design of New Materials Creating Novel Functions
For the creation and realization of the concept of man-made superlattice crystals which lead to generation of new materials with useful applications
Commemorative Lecture
The Evolution of Semiconductor Superlattices
Nationality: Japan
Date of Birth: March 12 1925
Academic Degrees:
1947 B.S. in Physics, The University of Tokyo
1959 Ph.D., The University of Tokyo
Professional Career:
1947 Kobe Kogyo Corporation
1956 Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (now Sony Corporation)
1960 IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA

President, University of Tsukuba

Title: Former President, University of Tsukuba
Major Publications and Scientific Papers:
  1. L. Esaki and R.Tsu, "Superlattice and negative differential conductivity in semiconductors," IBM J.Res. Development, pp.61-65, Jan. 1970.
  2. L. Esaki, L.L. Chang, W.E. Howard and V.L. Rideout, "Transport properties of a GaAs- GaAlAs superlattice," Proc. Int. Conf. Phys. Semicond., pp.431-435, Warsaw, 1972.
  3. R. Tsu and L. Esaki, "Tunneling in a finite superlattice," Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol.22, No.11, pp.562-564, June 1973.
  4. L.L. Chang, L. Esaki and R. Tsu, "Resonant tunneling in semiconductor double barriers," Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol.24, pp.593-595, 1974.
  5. L. Esaki and L.L. Chang, "New transport phenomenon in a semiconductor superlattice," Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol.33, pp.495-498, 1974.
Major Awards:
  • Nishina Memorial Award (1959)
  • Asahi Press Award Toyo Rayon Foundation Award (1960)
  • Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Prize from IRE Stuart Ballantine Medal from the Franklin Institute (1961)
  • Japan Academy Award (1965)
  • Nobel Prize in Physics (1973)
  • Order of Culture from the Japanese Government (1974)
  • American Physical Society International Prize for New Materials (1985)
  • IEEE Medal of Honor (1991)
Membership in Academic Institutions and Societies:
  • American Physical Society
  • Physical Society of Japan
  • Member, Japan Academy (1975)
  • Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences, USA (1976)
  • Foreign Associate , National Academy of Engineering, USA (1977)
  • Member, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (1989)
  • Member, American Philosophical Society (1991)
  • Foreign Member, Russian Academy of Sciences (1994)
  • Honorary Foreign Member, Korean Academy of Science and Technology (1995)
  • Member, Italian National Academy of Science (1996)

( At the time of receipt of the Prize )

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