Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

Dr. John B. Goodenough

Dr. John B. Goodenough

  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
    25 July 1922

Outline of Achievements

Outline of Achievements

The 2001 Japan Prize

  • Field:
    Science and Technology of Environment Conscious Materials
  • Achievement:
    Discovery of environmentally benign electrode materials for high energy density rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Lecture:

Major Awards and Honors Received

1967 Honorary Degree, Doctor, University of Bordearux
1976 Centenary Lecturer, Royal Society of Chemistry
1980 Solid State Chemistry Prize, Royal Society of Chemistry
1989 Von Hippel Award, Materials Research Society
1996 University of Pennsylvania Medal for Distinguished Achievement
1997 John Bordeen Award, Mining, Metallurgy, & Materials Society
1999 Olin Palladium Award, The Electrochemical Society

Membership in Academic Institutions and Societies

Fellow, American Physical Society
American Association for Advancement of Science
American Chemical Society
L'Academie des Sciences de L'Institut de France
National Academy of Engineering
Royal Society of Chemistry
The Physical Society of Japan
Foreign Associate, Indian Academy of Science

Academic Degrees

1943 B.A. Yale University, Connecticut
1952 Ph. D. (Physics) University of Chicago, Illinois

Professional Career

1951-1952 Research Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corporation
1952-1976 Group Leader & Res. Physicist, Lincoln Laboratory, M.I.T.
1976-1986 Prof. & Head Inorg. Chem. Lab., University of Oxford, Eng.
1986-Present Professor, University of Texas


  • Professor, University of Texas

Major Publications and Scientific Papers

  • Mizushima, K., Jones, P. C., Wiseman, P. J., and Goodenough, J. B., "LixCoO2 (0 < x < 1): A New Cathode Material for Batteries of High Energy Density," Materials Research Bulletin 15, 783-799 (1980).
  • Thomas, M. G. S. R, Bruce, P. G., and Goodenough, J. B., "Lithium Mobility in the Layered Oxide Li(1-x)CoO2," Solid State Ionics, 17 (1), 13-19 (1985).
  • Thackeray, M. M., David, W. I. F., Bruce, P. G., and Goodenough, J. B., "Lithium Insertion Into Manganese Spinels," Materials Research Bulletin 18, 461-472 (1983)
  • Padhi, A. K., Nanjundaswamy, K. S., and Goodenough, J. B., "Phospho-olivines as Positive Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries," Journal Electrochemical Society 144, 1188-1194 (1997).
  • Padhi, A. K., Nanjundaswamy, K. S., Masquelier, C., and Goodenough, J. B., "Mapping of Transition-Metal Redox Couples in Phosphates with NASICON Structure by Lithium Intercalation," Journal Electrochemical Society 144, 2581-2586 (1997).
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