Laureates of the Japan Prize


Dr. Andrzej K. Tarkowski

2002 Japan Prize Laureate

Developmental Biology
Pioneering work on mammalian embryonic development
Commemorative Lecture
Flexibility and patterning in early mammalian development: a dilemmafor embryologists
Nationality: Poland
Date of Birth: 1933
Academic Degrees:
1955 M.Sc. Warsaw University
1959 Ph.D. Warsaw University
1964 Dr. habil. (D.Sc.) Warsaw University
Professional Career:
1955-64 Assistant and adjunct in the Institute of Zoology, Warsaw University
1960-61 Fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation (UK)
1964-78 Associate Professor, Warsaw University
1964-Present Present Head of Department of Embryology, Warsaw University
1972-81 Director of the Institute of Zoology, Warsaw University
1978-Present Present Ordinary Professor, Warsaw University
1984-85 Visiting Professor of the Royal Society
Department of Zoology, University of Oxford (UK)
1987-Present Present Director of the Institute of Zoology, Warsaw University
Title: Director of the Institute of Zoology, Warsaw University
Major Publications and Scientific Papers:
  1. Tarkowski, A.K. (1959) Experiments on the development of isolated blastomeres of mouse eggs. Nature 184, 1286-1287
  2. Tarkowski, A.K. (1961) Mouse chimaeras developed from fused eggs. Nature 190, 857-860.
  3. Tarkowski, A.K. (1966) An air-drying method for chromosome preparations from mouse eggs. Cytogenetics 5, 394-400.
  4. Tarkowski, A.K. and Wroblewska, J. (1967) Development of blastomeres of mouse eggs isolated at the 4- and 8-cell stage. J. Embryol. exp. Morph., 18, 155-180.
  5. Tarkowski,A.K., Witkowska, A., and Nowicka, J. (1970) Experimental parthenogenesis in the mouse. Nature 226, 162-165.
  6. Tarkowski, A.K. and Rossant, J. (1976) Haploid mouse blastocysts developed from bisected zygotes. Nature 259, 663-665.
  7. Tarkowski, A.K., Witkowska, A. and Opas, J. (1977) Development of cytochalasin B-induced tetraploid and diploid/tetraploid mosaic mouse embryos. J. Embryol. exp. Morph. 41, 47-64.
  8. Czolowska, R., Modlinski, J.A. and Tarkowski, A.K. (1984) Behaviour of thymocyte nuclei in non-activated and activated mouse oocytes. J. Cell Sci. 69, 19-34.
Major Awards and Honors Received:
  • Albert Brachet Prize of the Royal Academy of Belgium "for research in experimental mammalian embryology" (1980)
  • Polish National Award "for research in mammalian embryology" (1980)
  • Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation (USA) Award "in recognition of pioneering work in the field of mammalian embryology and new techniques in analysing chromosome abnormalities in mammals" (1984)
  • Embryo Transfer Pioneer Award, International Embryo Transfer Society (1991)
  • Doctor honoris causa of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland (2000)
Membership in Academic Institutions and Societies:
  • Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1974 -)
  • Foreign Member of the French Academy of Sciences (1984 -)
  • Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (1990 -)
  • Member of the Academia Europaea (1991-)

( At the time of receipt of the Prize )

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