Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

Prof. John H. Lawton

Prof. John H. Lawton

  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
    24 September 1943

Outline of Achievements

Outline of Achievements

The 2004 Japan Prize

  • Field:
    Science and Technology for Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Achievement:
    Observational, experimental and theoretical achievements for the scientific understanding and conservation of biodiversity
  • Lecture:
    biodiversity, conservation and sustainability

Major Awards Received

1987 Awarded the first President's Gold Medal of the British Ecological Society
1989 Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of London
1993 Honorary D. Sc. University of Lancaster
1996 Elected Member of European Environmental Research Organisation
1996 ECI Prize Winner in the field of Terrestrial Ecology
1996 Marsh Award for Ecology
1997 CBE in The Queens Birthday Honours List
1998 Distinguished Statistical Ecologist Award,INTECOL
1998 Kempe Award for Distinguished Ecologist, Sweden
1998 Institute of Zoology frink Medal
2001 Honorary Fellow,Royal Entomological Society
2001 Leader of the EU BIODEPTH Project,selected as the winner of the Earth Science Section Nominations for the Descartes Prize
2002 Society for Conservation Biology La Roe Award

Major Honors, Memberships in Scientific Societies

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, Natural History Museum, London
Vice President, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Vice President, British Trust for Ornithology
Trustee, WWF UK, and Chair of Programme Committee
Member, Salters Nuffield Biology Advisory Panel
Member, Royal Society of London's International Policy Committee

Academic Degrees

1965 B.A. (Zoology), University of Durham, United Kingdom
1969 Ph. D. (Zoology), University of Durham, United Kingdom

Professional Career

1968-71 Demonstrator in Animal Ecology, Department of Zoology,Oxford University
1971-78 Lecturer, University of York
1978-82 Senior Lecturer, University of York
1982-85 Reader, University of York
1985-89 Professor, University of York
1989-99 Director,NERC Centre for Population Biology and Professor of Community Ecology, Imperial College of Science,Technology and Medicine, London
1998 Honorary Visiting Professor, University of York
1999 Honorary Visiting Professor, Imperial College, Silwood Park
1999- present Chief Executive, Natural Environment Research Council


  • Chief Executive, Natural Environment Research Council

Major Books and Papers

  • Editor, Bulletin of the British Ecological Society, 1971-1978
  • Editor, Ecological Entomology, 1979-1988
  • Other Previous editorial Board membership: Animal Conservation, Ecological Entomology Journal of animal Ecology, Oecologia Oikos.
  • Member, International Editorial Board, Encyclopaedia of Biodiversity, Academic Press
  • Senior Editor, (jointly with Professor G. Likens). Methods in Ecology (Blackwell Science) 1989-continuing
  • International Advisory Board, Frontiers in Ecology and Environment (ESA) 2000-continuing
  • Strong, D.R. Lawton,J.H. Southwood, T.R.E., Insects on Plants: Community Patterns& Mechanisms, Blackwell, Oxford.293pp (1984).
  • Chaloner, W.G. Harper, J.L. Lawton, J.H., The Evolutionary Interactions of Animals and Plants, The Royal Society, London 288pp (Editor,1991).
  • Jones, C.G., Lawton,J.H., Linking Species and Ecosystems. Chapman and Hall, New York.387pp (Editors, 1995)
  • Lawton, J.H., May, R.M., Extinction Rates. Oxford Univ. Press , Oxford. 233pp (Editors, 1995). 11. Lawton, J.H., Community Ecology in a Changing World. Excellence in Ecology
  • Ecology Institute, Oldendorf / Luhe (2000).
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