Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

Dr. Erkki Ruoslahti

Dr. Erkki Ruoslahti

  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
    16 February 1940

Outline of Achievements

Outline of Achievements

The 2005 Japan Prize

Major Awards Received

1986-93 Outstanding Investigator Award National Cancer Institute
1990 G.H.A. Clowes Award American
1991 Robert J. and Claire Pasarow Foundation Award
1991 Honorary Doctor of Medicine, University of Lund
1993 Leila Gruber Cancer Research Award
1995 Abbott Award (International Society for Oncodevelopmentl Biology and Medicine)
1997 Gairdner Foundation International Award
1998 Jacobaeus International Prize
2003 The Jubilee Award, The British Biomedical Society

Major Honors

1989 Member, Societas Scientiarum Fennica (Finnish Academy of Sciences)
1993 Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1994 Knight, Order of the White Rose of Finland
1995 Nobel Fellow, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
1999 Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences
2001 Member, European Molecular Biology Organization
2002 Member, Institute of Medicine of the U.S. National Academies

Academic Degrees

1961 B.M. in Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland
1965 M.D. in Medicine, University of Helsinki
1967 Ph.D. in Immunology, University of Helsinki

Professional Career

1970-75 Assistant Professor and Acting Associate Professor Department of Serology and Bacteriology, University of Helsinki, Finland
1975-76 Professor, Bacteriology and Serology, University of Turku, Finland
1976 Senior Research Scientist, Dept. Immunology, City of Hope, National Medical Center, USA
1976-79 Director, Immunology, Div. Immunology, City of Hope
1979-80 Associate Scientific Director, The Burnham Institute
1980-95 Scientific Director, The Burnham Institute
1982-89 Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Burnham Institute
1989-2001 President and CEO, The Burnham Institute Director, NCI Cancer Center, The Burnham Institute
1980-2004 Adjunct Professor, Pathology Department, University of California, San Diego
2002-present Distinguished Professor, The Burnham Institute
2003-present Adjunct Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego


  • Distinguished Professor, The Burnham Institute

Major Publications

  • Pierschbacher, M.D .and Ruoslahti, E. (1984) Cell attachment activity of fibronectin can be duplicated by small synthetic fragments of the molecule. Nature 309, 30-33.
  • Pytela, R., Pierschbacher, M.D. and Ruoslahti, E. (1985) Identification and isolation of a 140 kd cell surface glycoprotein with properties expected of a fibronectin receptor. Cell 40, 191-198.
  • Suzuki, S., Argraves, W.S., Pytela, R., Arai, H., Krusius, T., Pierschbacher, M.D. and Ruoslahti, E. (1986) cDNA and amino acid sequences of the cell adhesion protein receptor recognizing vitronectin reveal a transmembrane domain and homologies with other adhesion protein receptors. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 83, 8614-8618.
  • Argraves, W.S., Suzuki, S., Arai, H., Thompson, K., Pierschbacher, M.D. and Ruoslahti, E. (1987) Amino acid sequence of the human fibronectin receptor. J. Cell Biol. 105, 1183-190.
  • Suzuki, S., Argraves, W.S., Arai, H., Languino, L.R., Pierschbacher, M.D. and Ruoslahti, E. (1987) Amino acid sequence of the vitronectin receptor alpha subunit and comparative expression of adhesion receptor mRNAs. J. Biol. Chem. 262, 14080-14085.
  • Ruoslahti, E. and Pierschbacher, M.D. (1987) New perspectives in cell adhesion: RGD and integrins. Science 238, 491-497.
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