Laureates of the Japan Prize


Dr. Masatoshi Takeichi

2005 Japan Prize Laureate

Cell Biology
Fundamental contribution in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of cell adhesion
Commemorative Lecture
How cells assemble: A fundamental process in the formation of the body
Nationality: Japan
Date of Birth: November 27 1943
Academic Degrees:
1966 B.Sc. in Biology, Nagoya University
1968 M.Sc. in Biology, Nagoya University
1973 Ph.D. in Biophysics, Kyoto University
Professional Career:
1970-78 Assistant Professor, Department of Biophysics,
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
1978-86 Associate Professor, Department of Biophysics, Kyoto University
1986-99 Professor, Department of Biophysics, Kyoto University
1992-97 Visiting Professor, National Institute for Basic Biology
1993-98 Head, Center for Molecular and Developmental Biology,
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
1999-2002 Professor, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology,,
Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University
2000- present Director, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
Title: Director of RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
Major Publications:
  1. Takeichi, M. (1977) Functional correlation between cell adhesive properties and some cell surface proteins. J. Cell Biol. 75, 464-474.
  2. Yoshida, N. and Takeichi, M. (1982) Teratocarcinoma cell adhesion: Identification of a cell surface protein involved in calcium-dependent cell aggregation. Cell 28, 217-224.
  3. Hatta, K. and Takeichi, M. (1986) Expression of N-cadherin adhesion molecules associated with early morphogenetic events in chicken embryos. Nature 320, 447-449.
  4. Shirayoshi, Y., Hatta, K., Hosoda, M., Tsunasawa, S., Sakiyama, F. and Takeichi, M. (1986) Cadherin cell adhesion molecules with distinct binding specificities share a common structure. EMBO J.5, 2485-2488.
  5. Nagafuchi, A., Shirayoshi, Y., Okazaki, K., Yasuda, K. and Takeichi, M. (1987) Transformation of cell adhesion properties by exogenously introduced E-cadherin cDNA. Nature 329, 341-343.
  6. Nose, A., Nagafuchi, A. and Takeichi, M. (1988) Expressed recombinant cadherins mediate cell sorting in model systems. Cell 54, 993-1001.
  7. Hirano, S., Kimoto, N., Shimoyama, Y., Hirohashi, S. and Takeichi, M. (1992) Identification of a neural α-catenin as a key regulator of cadherin function and multicellular organization. Cell 70, 293-301.
  8. Togashi, H., Abe, K., Mizoguchi, A., Chisaka, O., and Takeichi, M. (2002) Cadherin regulates dendritic spine morphogenesis. Neuron 35, 77-89.
Major Awards Received:
  • Tsukahara Nakaakira Award (1989)
  • Chunichi Culture Award (1992)
  • Osaka Science Award (1993)
  • Asahi Award, Asahi Shimbun (1994)
  • Academic Prize of the Princess Takamatsuno-miya Cancer Research Foundation (1995)
  • Japan Academy Prize (1996)
  • Uehara Award (1996)
  • Ross Harrison Prize (International Society of Developmental Biologists) (2001)
  • Keio Medical Science Prize (2001)
  • Person of Cultural Merits (2004)
Major Honors:
  • Member, The Japan Academy
Members and Professional Activities:
  • The Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists
  • The Japan Society for Cell Biology
  • The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
  • Japan Neuroscience Society
  • Japanese Cancer Association

( At the time of receipt of the Prize )

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