Laureates of the Japan Prize


Brian J. Druker, M.D.

2012 Japan Prize Laureate

Healthcare and Medical Technology
Development of a new therapeutic drug targeting cancer-specific molecules
Commemorative Lecture
Successful Approach Targeting Leukemic Cells
Nationality: USA
Date of Birth: April 30, 1955
Academic Degrees:
1981 M.D. from the University of California, San Diego
Professional Career:
1981-1984 Internship & residency at Barnes Hospital,
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis
1984 American Board of Internal Medicine
1984-1987 Fellow, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
1987 American Board of Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
2002 Howard Hughes Medical Institute
2007 Professor and Director of OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University
Major Publications:
  1. Druker, B.J., Mamon, H.J. & Roberts, T.M. Oncogenes, growth factors, and signal transduction. N. Engl. J. Med. 321, 1383–1391, 1989
  2. Druker, B.J., Tamura, S., Buchdunger, E., Ohno, S., Segal, G.M., Fanning, S., Zimmermann, J., & Lydon, N.B.. Effects of a selective inhibitor of the Abl tyrosine kinase on the growth of Bcr-Abl positive cells. Nat. Med. 2:561-566, 1996
  3. Druker, B.J., Talpaz, M., Resta, D.J., Peng, B., Buchdunger, E., Ford, JM, Lydon, N.B., Kantarjian, H., Capdeville, R., Ohno-Jones, S. & Sawyers, C.L. Efficacy and safety of a specific inhibitor of the bcr-abl tyrosine kinase in chronic myeloid leukemia. N. Engl. J. Med. 344: 1031–1037, 2001.
  4. Sawyers C.L., Hochhaus A., Feldman E., et al. Imatinib induces hematologic and cytogenetic responses in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in myeloid blast crisis: results of a phase II study. Blood 99:3530-3539, 2002.
  5. Druker B.J., Guilhot F., O'Brien S.G. et al. Five-year follow-up of patients receiving matinib for chronic myeloid leukemia". N. Engl. J. Med. 355: 2408–2417, 2006.
Major Honors:
  • AACR-Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award (2001)

  • Warren Alpert Foundation Prize, Harvard Medical School (2001)

  • Dameshek Prize, The American Society of Hematology (2001)

  • Medal of Honor, American Cancer Society (2002)

  • Charles F. Kettering Prize, General Motors Cancer Research Foundation (2002)

  • David A. Karnofsky Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology (2003)

  • Keio Medical Science Prize (2007)

  • The Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, with Lydon and Sawyers (2009)

  • Meyenburg Cancer Research Prize (2009)

  • Ernest Beutler Lecture and Prize by American Society of Hematology (2011)

  • Member, the Institute of Medicine of National Academies (2003)

  • Member, the American Association of Physician (2006)

  • Member, the National Academy of Science (2007)

( At the time of receipt of the Prize )

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