Laureates of the Japan Prize


C. Grant Willson, Ph.D.

2013 Japan Prize Laureate

Materials and Production
Development of chemically amplified resist polymer materials for innovative semiconductor manufacturing process
Commemorative Lecture
Chemistry for Lithography
Nationality: United States of America
Date of Birth: March 30, 1939
Academic Degrees:
1962 University of California, Berkeley BS in Chemistry
1969 California State University, San Diego MS in Organic Chemistry
1973 University of California, Berkeley PhD in Organic Chemistry
Professional Career:
1973-1974 Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach
1974-1978 Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego
1978-1993 IBM Fellow and Manager of the Polymer Science and Technology, IBM San Jose Research Center
1993-Present Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Rashid Engineering Regent's Chair
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering The University of Texas at Austin
Major Publications:
  1. Frechet, J. M. J. Ito, H. Willson, C. G. Sensitive Deep UV Resist Incorporating Chemical Amplification. Proceedings Microcircuit Engineering 1982, Grenoble, 260.
  2. Willson, C. Grant; Ito, Hiroshi; Frechet, J. M. J. “L'amplification chimique appliquee au developpement de polymeres utilisables comme resines de lithographie,” Colloque Internationale sur la Microlithographie: Microcircuit Engineering 82 261 (1982)
  3. Willson, C. Grant; Ito, Hiroshi; Frechet, Jean M. J.; Houlihan, Frank. “Chemical Amplification in the Design of Polymers for Resist Applications,” International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry 28 448 (1982)
  4. Willson, Grant C.; Ito, Hiroshi; Frechet, Jean M. J.; Tessier, Theodore G.; Houlihan, Francis M. “Approaches to the Design of Radiation-Sensitive Polymeric Imaging Systems with Improved Sensitivity and Resolution,” J.Elecrochem.Soc. 133(1) 181-187 (1986)
  5. MacDonald, Scott A.; Willson, C. Grant; Frechet, Jean M. J. “Chemical Amplification in High-Resolution Imaging Systems,” Accounts of Chemical Research 27(6) 151-158 (1994)
Major Honors:
  • Fellow, IBM (1985)
  • Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award, FRG (1988)
  • ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials (1991)
  • Elected member National Academy of Engineering (1992)
  • Malcolm E. Pruitt Award, Council for Chemical Research (1997)
  • National Academy of Sciences Award for Chemistry in Service to Society (1999)
  • Semiconductor Research Corporation Aristotle Award (1999)
  • Inaugural Fellow, ACS Division of Polymeric Materials:Science and Engineering (2000)
  • ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science (2004)
  • ACS Heroes of Chemistry Award (2005)
  • Fellow, International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) (2007)
  • SEMI North America Award (2007)
  • National Medal of Technology and Innovation, USA (2007)
  • Gordon E. Moore Medal of the Electrochemical Society (2009)
  • Inaugural Fellow, American Chemical Society (2009)
  • Fellow, Materials Research Society (2012)

( At the time of receipt of the Prize )

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