Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

Dr. Yasuharu Suematsu

Dr. Yasuharu Suematsu

  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
    22 September 1932

Outline of Achievements

Outline of Achievements

The 2014 Japan Prize

Major Awards

1983 Valdemar Poulsen Gold Medal
1983 Prime Minister's Award for Communication Achievement
1986 David Sarnoff Award
1989 Toray Science and Technology Prize
1994 The John Tyndall Award
1994 C&C Prize
1996 Medal with Purple Ribbon
1997 Eduard Rhein Basic Research Prize
2003 IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal
2003 Person of Cultural Merits

Academic Degrees

1955 Tokyo Institute of Technology, B.S. in Engineering
1960 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ph.D. in Engineering

Professional Career

1961 Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1973 Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1989 President, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1995 Director General, National Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research
1997 President, Kochi University of Technology
2001 Director General, National Institute of Informatics
2005 Advisor, National Institute of Informatics (-2009)
2011 Honorary Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Major Publications

  • “Room Temperature CW Operation of (100) GaInAsP/InP DH Laser Emitting at 1.51μm,” S. Arai, M. Asada, Y. Suematsu, and Y. Itaya, Japan. J. Appl. Phys., 18, 12, pp.2333-2334 (Dec. 1979).
  • “Single Wavelength Operation of 1.53μm GaInAsP/InP BH Integrated Twin Guide Lasers with Distributed Bragg Reflector under Direct Modulation up to 1GHz,” K. Utaka, K. Kobayashi, F. Koyama, Y. Abe, and Y. Suematsu, Electron. Lett., 17, 11, pp.368-369 (May 1981).
  • “Dynamic-Single-Mode Semiconductor Lasers with Distributed Reflector,” Y. Suematsu, S. Arai, and K. Kishino, IEEE J. Lightwave Technol., LT-1, 1, pp.161-176 (Mar. 1983).
  • “1.5μm Phase-Shifted DFB Lasers for Single-Mode Operation,” K. Sekartedjo, N. Eda, K. Furuya, Y. Suematsu, F. Koyama, and T. Tanbun-Ek, Electron. Lett., 20, 2, pp.80-81 (Jan. 1984).
  • “Analysis of Dynamic Spectral Linewidth of Dynamic-Single-Mode (DSM) Lasers and Related Transmission Bandwidth of Single-Mode Fibers,” F. Koyama and Y. Suematsu, IEEE J. Quantum Electron., QE-21, 4, pp.292-297 (Apr. 1985).
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