Laureates of the Japan Prize


Adi Shamir, Ph.D.

2017 (33rd) Japan Prize Laureate

Electronics, Information and Communication
Contribution to information security through pioneering research on cryptography
Commemorative Lecture
Cryptography: Past, Present, Future
Nationality: Israel
Date of Birth: July 6, 1952
1973 Tel Aviv University, BSc in mathematics
1975 Weizmann Institute of Science, MSc in Computer Science
1977 Weizmann Institute, PhD in Computer Science
Research and Career:
1977-78 MIT, Department of Mathematics, Instructor,
1978-80 Assistant Professor, MIT
1980-84 Associate Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science
1984- Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science
Weizmann Institute of Science
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Jacob Ziskind Building Room 209
234 Herzl Street, Rehovot 7610001, Israel
Publications, Thesis:
  1. Ronald L. Rivest, Adi Shamir, Leonard M. Adleman: A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems. Commun. ACM 21 (2), 120-126 (1978)
  2. Adi Shamir: How to Share a Secret. Commun. ACM 22 (11), 612-613 (1979)
  3. Adi Shamir: Identity-Based Cryptosystems and Signature Schemes. CRYPTO 1984, 47-53 (1984)
  4. Uriel Feige, Amos Fiat, Adi Shamir: Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Identity. J. Cryptology 1 (2), 77-94 (1988)
  5. Eli Biham, Adi Shamir: Differential Cryptanalysis of DES-like Cryptosystems. J. Cryptology 4 (1), 3-72 (1991)
  6. Daniel Genkin, Adi Shamir, Eran Tromer: Acoustic cryptanalysis.
    J. Cryptology, to appear.
  • 1983 The Israeli Mathematical Society Erdos Prize
  • 1986 IEEE Baker Prize
  • 1990 UAP Scientific Prize, France
  • 1992 The Vatican's Pontifical Academy PIUS X1 Gold Medal
  • 1997 Association for Computing Machinery, Kanellakis Prize
  • 2000 IEEE Kobayashi Computers and Communications Prize
  • 2002 Association for Computing Machinery, Turing Award
  • 2008 Israel Prize
  • 2008 Okawa Prize, Japan
  • 2008 NEC Prize, Japan
  • 2012 Grand Medaille of the French Academie des sciences, France

(As of January 2017)

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