Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

Mr. Kazuo Hagimoto

Mr. Kazuo Hagimoto

  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
    8 January 1955 (68)

Outline of Achievements

Outline of Achievements

The 2023 Japan Prize


1978 Tokyo Institute of Technology, BA
1980 Tokyo Institute of Technology, MS

Professional Experience

1980 Research, Yokosuka Electrical Communications Laboratry, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
1994 Group Leader, NTT Transmission Laboratory
1998 Senior Manager, Long Distance Service Unit, NTT
2000 Head, NTT Media Networking Laboratory
2005 Head, NTT Network Innovation Laboratory
2009 Head, NTT Science and Core Research Laboratory Group
2013 President and CEO, NTT Electronics Corporation
2019 Fellow, NTT Electronics Corporation (to present)
2021 Program Director of Beyond 5G R&D Program Project, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (to present)

Academic Journals

  • K. Hagimoto, K. Iwatsuki, A. Takada, M. Nakazawa, M. Saruwatari, K. Aida, K. Nakagawa, and M. Horiguchi, (1989), “A 212 km non-repeatered transmission experiment at 1.8 Gb/s using LD pumped Er3+-doped fiber amplifiers in an IM/direct-detection repeater system,” Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC), PD15.
  • K. Hagimoto, K. Iwatsuki, A. Takeda, M. Nakazawa, M. Saruwatari, K. Nakagawa, and M. Horiguchi, (1989), “250 km nonrepeatered transmission experiment at 1.8 Gb/s using LD pumped Er3+-doped fibre amplifiers in IM/direct detection system,” Electronics Letters, vol. 25, no. 10, pp. 662-664.
  • K. Hagimoto, S. Nishi, and K. Nakagawa, (1990), “An optical bit-rate flexible transmission system with 5-Tb/s-km capacity employing multiple in-line erbium-doped fiber amplifiers,” IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 8, no. 9, pp. 1387-1395.


1989 the Sakurai Memorial Prize from the OITDA
1991 the Oliver Lodge premium from the IEE
1994 the Kenjiro Takayanagi memorial award
1994 & 2006 the achievement awards from IEICE
2007 Maejima Award from TEISHIN association Japan
2008 IEEE Fellow
2009 Prime Minister Award of SANGAKUKAN Innovation Contribution
2013 Distinguished Achievement and Contributions Award of IEICE
2016 The medal with Purple Ribbon from the Emperor of Japan
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