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2009 (25th) Japan Prize Press Kit

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‘The Limits to Growth’ lead author, Dr. Dennis L. Meadows, and the ‘Father of PET,’ Dr. David E. Kuhl, honored

2009 (25th) Japan Prize

In 2009, the Japan Prize was awarded in the field of Transformation towards a Sustainable Society in Harmony with Nature to Dr. Dennis L. Meadows for contributions towards a sustainable world as founded in the 1972 Report titled "The Limits to Growth" and in the field of Technological Integration of Medical Science and Engineering to Dr. David E. Kuhl for his contributions to tomographic imaging in nuclear medicine.

Transformation towards a sustainable society in harmony with nature

Dr. Dennis L. Meadows (USA)

Dr. Dennis L. Meadows (USA)

President, Laboratory for Interactive Learning

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Award Citation

Technological integration of medical science and engineering

Dr. David E. Kuhl (USA)

Dr. David E. Kuhl (USA)

Professor, Radiology, University of Michigan Medical School

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Videos for the 2009 (25th) Japan Prize

Presentation Ceremony


Photos for the 2009 (25th) Japan Prize

April 20, 2009, Welcome Reception

April 20, 2009, Joint Press Conference

April 21, 2009,Visit to The Japan Academy

April 21, 2009, Commemorative Lectures

April 22, 2009, Visit to the Foundation Office

April 22, 2009, Professional Luncheon Meeting at the FCCJ

April 22, 2009, Courtesy Call on the Prime Minister

April 22, 2009, Academic Discussion I

April 22, 2009, Academic Discussion II

April 23, 2009, Presentation Ceremony

April 23, 2009, Banquet

April 25, 2009, Sightseeing in Kyoto

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