Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize



  • 国籍:米国
  • 生年月日:1944年9月5日



2019 Japan Prize受賞者


1998 Hugh Hammond Bennett Award, Soil and Water Conservation Society
2005 Carl Sprengel Agronomic Research Award, American Society of Agronomy
2005 Norman Borlaug Award, IARI, New Delhi, India
2006 Liebig Award, International Union of Soil Sciences, Philadelphia, USA
2009 COMLAND Award, Commission on Land Degradation & Desertification, Berlin, Germany
2009 M.S. Swaminathan Award, New Delhi, India
2016 INRA, Morocco Government Award for Strategic Development of Earth System Science Worldwide
2018 GCHERA World Agriculture Prize, Nanjing, China
2018 Glinka World Soil Prize, FAO, Rome, Italy


1965 Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India, M. Sc. in Soils
1968 The Ohio State University, Ph. D in Soils


1963-1965 Research Assistant, The Rockefeller Foundation, India
1966-1968 Research Assistant, Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center (OARDC)
1968-1969 Senior Research Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia
1970-1987 Soil Physicist, IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria
1987-2011 Professor, Soil Science, The Ohio State University
2001- Director, Carbon Management & Sequestration Program, OARDC/Ohio State University
2011- Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science


  • Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science
  • Director, Carbon Management and Sequestration Center The Ohio State University


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