Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

ゲロ・ミーゼンベック 博士

ゲロ・ミーゼンベック 博士

  • 国籍:オーストリア
  • 生年月日:1965年7月15日



2023 Japan Prize受賞者

  • 授賞対象分野
  • 授賞業績
  • 記念講演
    Optogenetics: Causes, Connections, Mechanisms


1991 M.D., Universitat Innsbruck, Austria


1991 Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (~1998)
1999 Assistant Professor, Cornell University (~2004)
2004 Associate Professor Yale University (~2007)
2007 Waynflete Professor of Physiology, University of Oxford (~current)
2011 Director, University of Oxford (~current)


  • BV Zemelman, GA Lee, M Ng, G Miesenböck., (2002), “Selective photostimulation of genetically chARGed neurons”, Neuron, 33, 15-22. (citation 557).
  • SQ Lima, G Miesenböck., (2005), “Remote control of behavior through genetically targeted photostimulation of neurons”, Cell 121,141-152. (citation 616)
  • JD Clyne, G Miesenböck., (2008), “Sex-specific control and tuning of the pattern generator for courtship song in Drosophila”, Cell, 133, 354-363. (citation 274)
  • E Vrontou, L Sjulson, H Li, J Hirsh, G Miesenböck., (2009), “Writing memories with light-addressable reinforcement circuitry”, Cell, 139, 405-415. (citation 451)


2012 InBev-Baillet Latour Prize (single)
2013 Brain Prize (with Ernst Bamberg, Ed Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann, and Georg Nagel)
2013 Gabbay Award (with Karl Deisseroth, and Ed Boyden)
2015 Heinrich Wieland Prize (single)
2015 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award (with Ed Boyden, Karl Deisseroth)
2016 Wilhelm Exner Medal (single)
2016 Massry Prize (with Peter Hegemann and Karl Deisseroth)
2017 Trinity College Dublin Award (single)
2019 Rumford Prize (with Ernst Bamberg, Ed Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann, and Georg Nagel)
2019 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize (with Ed Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, and Peter Hegemann)
2020 Shaw Prize in Life Sciences (with Peter Hegemann, and Georg Nagel)