Japan Prize Laureates

Laureates of the Japan Prize

Year Field Photo Name (b.-d.) Achievements
[Nationality]Affiliation (Titles at the time)
Environmental Science and Technology Photo

Dr. Frank Sherwood Rowland (1927-2012)

Studies on the mechanisms of stratospheric ozone depletion by chlorofluorocarbons
[USA] Profesor at University of California, Irvine
Medicinal Science Photo

Dr. Elias James Corey (1928-)

Pioneering contributions to the syntheses of prostaglandins and their related compounds which are of great therapeutic value
[USA] Professor at Harvard University
Energy Technology Photo

Dr. Georges Vendryes (1920-2014)

Establishment of fast breeder reactor technology
[France] Scientific advisor to the president of the Commissariat à I'Energie Atomique
Preventative Medicine Photo

Dr. Donald A. Henderson (1928-2016)

The eradication of smallpox
[USA] Dean, Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health

Dr. Isao Arita (1926-2023)

[Japan] Director, Kumamoto National Hospital

Dr. Frank Fenner (1914-2010)

[Australia] Professor Emeritus, Visiting Fellow, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, The Australian National University
Preventative Medicine Photo

Dr. Luc Montagnier (1932-2022)

Discovery of the AIDS causing virus and development of diagnostic methods
[France] Chief, Department of Virus Tumours, Pasteur Institute

Dr. Robert C. Gallo (1937-)

[USA] Chief, Laboratory of Tumour Cell Biology, National Institute of Health
Electro-Optics Photo

Dr. Theodore H. Maiman (1927-2007)

Realization of the world's first laser
[USA] Former chief of research at Hughes Research Laboratories
President of Maiman Associates Inc.
Improvement of Biological Functions Photo

Dr. Henry M. Beachell (1906-2006)

Development of the IR8 and IR36 strains for rice breeding strategies geared to the tropical and subtropical zones
[USA] Former head of the Plant Breeding Department at the International Rice Research Institute
Advisor to the Farms of Texas Company

Dr. Gurdev S. Khush (1935-)

[India] Head of the Plant Breeding Department at the International Rice Research Institute
Materials Science and Technology Photo

Dr. David Turnbull (1915-2007)

Pioneering contributions to materials science with impact on new materials technology such as amorphous solids
[USA] Professor at Harvard University
Medical Technology Photo

Dr. Willem J. Kolff (1911-2009)

Research and development of artificial organs and their relevant technology
[USA] Professor at the University of Utah. Head of the Institute for Biomedical Engineering
Information and Communications Photo

Dr. John R. Pierce (1910-2002)

Outstanding achievement in the field of electronics and communications technologies
[USA] Professor Emeritus at Stanford University
Biotechnology Photo

Dr. Ephraim Katchalski-Katzir (1916-2009)

Outstanding achievement in basic theory in the field of immobilized enzymes and their practical applications
[Israel] Professor at Tel Aviv University
Professor at Weizmann Institute of Science
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